2021 Ray Schultz Achievement Award

The Ray Schultz Achievement Award began in 2020 in memory of Ray Schultz, founder of Mustang Seeds.  This award is given on a yearly basis to a Mustang Seeds team member dedicated to helping our customers and the company succeed.  Corey Strom, Red Horse Crop Insurance Manager, is the 2021 recipient of the Ray Schultz Award.

Corey was key in starting the Red Horse Crop Insurance division at Mustang Seeds in 2017.  He has grown the insurance division from one agent to three and has tripled the number of acres insured in 4 years.  Corey’s commitment to Mustang Seeds started when he was 17 years old, at the time that Mustang Seeds was Domestic Seed and Supply.  During his time as a dedicated team member, Corey has done just about everything in the company from throwing bags, spraying chemicals, selling seed, and much more!  “Corey is dedicated to the growth of Mustang Seeds with the Crop Insurance division, and he continues to work hand in hand with our DSM’s using his knowledge of seed products to help grow their seed sales.  We are pleased the selection committee chose Corey as the recipient of this award in honor of my Father,” stated Terry Schultz, CEO of Mustang Seeds.

Corey Strom stated, “I have had the privilege of working for the Schultz Family for over 19 years, first Ray Schultz and now Terry Schultz.  It started with a scholarship in 1995 from Domestic Seed and Supply, now known as Mustang Seeds Inc., and being a friend of the Schultz family ever since.  I truly enjoy working for a family-owned company that let’s all of us put our families first.  There is plenty of employee’s worthy of the Ray Schultz Achievement Award, I am honored to receive this award and look forward to many more years at Mustang Seeds.”