Conventional seed is bred from the latest genetics for improvements to yield and agronomic performance without genetic engineering for the addition of pest and disease resistance traits.

0100 CONV.

100 Day

0108 CONV.

108 Day

0290 CONV.

90 Day

0292 CONV.

92 Day

0387 CONV.

87 Day

0404 CONV.

104 Day

0482 CONV.

82 Day

0598 CONV.

98 Day

0703 CONV.

103 Day

0994 CONV.

94 Day

0995 CONV.

95 Day

0996 CONV.

96 Day

0997 CONV.

97 Day

Seed Corn Sizing

Larger Seed, Heavier Drop Smaller Seed, Lighter Drop
F11 F12 F13 F14 F15 F16
R21 R22 R23 R24 R25 R26

Mustang Seed sizes each hybrid up to 4 Grades sizes, 2 Flats and 2 Rounds. Seed size of each grade size will remain consistent, however weight will vary between hybrids and growing condition of each hybrid.

Seed Ratings Key

Rating Scale Plant Height Ear Height Ear Type Planting Date Flower Date
1-5, 1-Excellent S=Short L=Low F=Flex L=Lower E=Early
N/A=Not Available MS=Medium-Short M=Medium SF=Semi-Flex M=Medium M=Medium
  M=Medium H=High D=Determinate H=High L=Late


Ear Type Planting Date Flower Date
F=Flex L=Lower E=Early
SF=Semi-Flex M=Medium M=Medium
D=Determinate H=High L=Late